Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Endometriosis: Definition of Endosisters

What is the definition of an Endosister? For those of us who have Endometriosis, this simple word can mean so much. For those who don't have Endo, it may make no sense at all. I tried to search for a definition but I couldn't find anything to describe it properly. So I thought who better to ask than endosisters themselves? Below are the most popular words and phrases I had sent to me via Twitter. The overall message I took from this was how united and supportive we are as a community. To all my Endosisters, this is how other women view you: brave, beautiful, determined and more than anything else a friend.

You don't have to see an Endosister to know they are there...

"Silent survivors." @StacyP_21

"A powerfully silent understanding, life saving, light in the dark, a bond tainted with sadness but sparkling with hope...part of something special as a result of something horrible." @RetroQuenie

"A global sisterhood of women with a visible illness for us, that is invisible to others." @shaewill_i_ams

"Worldwide strangers instantly transformed into family through one unfortunate similarity." @hansmith86

"No one but another endosister can truly understand the severity of the pain (try as they may) that endometriosis brings...endosisters have an inner strength that is incomparable." @shinexox

"A strong person is one who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment and then picks up their gloves and fights again...that's an endosister." @kgeorge88

"True sisterhood, a community, complete, genuine supporters. Educated raisers of awareness. Together, determined, strong." @ashmac63

"A tribe of women who no matter what they are going through, stop to see how other endosisters are doing...we get each other without even speaking. We understand the pain, the heartaches, the depression, pretty much everything. You will never be alone because there will always be another sister who has walked down the same path as you...We are a tribe of warriors who don't back down or give up. We are strong and courageous." @EndEndoForever

"Inspirational, strong, determined, understanding, loving, unique & beautiful." @browneyedsmiler

"Endosisters are amazing and supportive women that I never would have met if this terrible disease did not bring us together. I'm so glad to have met them. They make me feel like I am not alone and crazy!" @ladieswholap

"Kind, strong and spirited...'smiles while facing adversity'." @_EndoHappy

"Very accepting & caring & make you feel like you are not alone." @MissPish

Please add a comment if any other words/phrases come to mind when you think of what an Endosister means to you! I would love to hear them!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Endometriosis: My Mini Meltdown

I'd been feeling a bit rough all day. And tired. Extremely tired. I hadn't slept properly for the last couple of weeks. Not falling asleep until 6:30am was bound to take its toll at some point, I suppose. I had to give my mother a lift, only 5 mins down the road. Before I left, as I got to the front door, I had a bit of a funny turn. My legs felt like they were going to give way. I had such a bad pain in my left ovary and my head was pounding. I took my mother out, drove back up the road, parked up outside my house and literally cried my eyes out. I couldn't move, it felt like I couldn't breathe. I just sat there and cried and cried, sobbing. So fed up & so so frustrated of being stuck in this rut they call Endometriosis. 


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Endometriosis: Prostap Months 2 & 3 Medical Menopause

So, I'm into my third month of my medical menopause & Prostap. (You can read how Month 1 went by clicking here.) 

How am I feeling?

Pain free? Not quite. 
Better? Well, yes a little bit.. I personally think I have both Endometriosis cysts and adhesions again. Some of the pain has been stopped by Prostap shutting down my ovaries, but not all of it. The remaining pain I'm assuming is adhesions. 

The side effects of Prostap have calmed down slightly. Don't get me wrong, they can still be quite annoying and some days they cause more bad than good! But, I haven't been at the point lately where I'd want to strip off and go sit in a freezer to stop the hot flushes!! By the way, I've never done that. But I have been very very close!! ;)

I'm not crying everyday because of the pain. I'm not stuck in bed. Dizziness and headaches have seemed to stay with me throughout these last two months though. I have also found myself becoming quite nauseous at times. The joint pain has flared up again in my knees. Some days it is ever so painful, walking up and down the stairs can be a nightmare! One step at a time trying not to bed my knee so much! On the plus side, breakthrough bleeding has not been as persistent as it was! Only this last week or so it has started up again, so cramps are coming back with them and shooting pains in my ovaries. I'm hoping this will pass.

The biggest thing I'm suffering with at the moment is insomnia! I'm awake most of the night. How I am getting through the days on such a small amount of sleep I don't know!

December 17th, I have my review with my gynaecologist. Will they extend the Prostap injections? Do I want them to? This is what I have to figure out....

....Which is the lesser of two evils??

Endometriosis pain and symptoms constantly or a bit of endo & adhesion pain whilst still being in a medical menopause and having all the side effects of that?

Decisions, decisions!!