Monday, 14 April 2014

13 Ways To Rest, Relax and Regain Energy

These last few weeks I have been speaking to some inspirational women with endometriosis, who just don't stop. Whether it's working, studying, housework, raising awareness, looking after family members or all of the above! These brave ladies are struggling daily with endo pain, very little sleep and relying on medications to get them through the day (and I assume endless cups of coffee!!) But they still put everyone and everything else before themselves. They are selfless, brave and generous beyond belief. 

It makes me wonder how it is possible for a woman in so much pain to achieve so much?!
Reading this you may think you haven't done much today, or this week, or this month. But take a step back, have a look at the challenges you face everyday... and realise you've got through them all! You will wake up tomorrow and succeed once again. 

So my challenge for you brave ladies this week, is to take some 'you time'. When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? You more than deserve it! Here are some idea's that you can try and fit into your day. Rest, recover, regain some energy. Five minutes, half an hour or an hour. Just make some 'you time'.. Even superheroes need a break sometimes...

  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Do some writing.
  • Listen to music -turn the volume up!
  • Take a nap! & don't feel guilty!
  • Take a long hot soak in the bath.
  • Buy your favourite cake or desert - eat it all yourself! Go on, be a rebel!
  • Do a craft - finish that project you've been wanting to.
  • Take a walk - Having some alone time, being with your own thoughts and people watching can be therapeutic and relaxing.
  • Catch up on your favourite TV programme.
  • Meditate - breath, relax, chill!
  • Go shopping. Browse your favourite stores, treat yourself! 
  • Get a manicure! A good varnished set of nails will always make you feel good! 
  • Go for a coffee with a friend. Can't get out? Invite them around. A good catch up with your bestie, a gossip and a laugh will do you the world of good!