Friday, 9 March 2012

The Battle Of The Swollen Stomach...Part 2

13th June last year I wrote my first post on 'The Battle Of The Swollen Stomach'. It was one week before my 24th birthday and I was beyond frustrated of still having an swollen stomach due to Endo.
So to be writing this post today I'm extremely excited. Today is 4 weeks since my 2nd lap... and within the last 3 weeks my stomach as gone down 4 inches!! Woooohooo! 

Two weeks ago it had reduced by two and a half inches. This week I measured it and another inch and half has gone! Before my 2nd lap and at the height of the swelling I looked like I was carrying twins! I'm well and truly shocked as I never thought this day would come. My 25th birthday is now 3 months away.. Imagine if by then I'll have a 'normal' stomach and a whole new wardrobe, excluding baggy tops to hide my stomach?!

This time last year this would have been a dream. Now... I truly believe it will happen.

I look forward to a flatter stomach, healthier, happier me :-)


  1. you have given me hope! Thanks for sharing. So depressed as gained inches around stomach, hips and thighs